Young Environmental Leaders Programme

The Young Environmental Leaders Programme (YEL!) was designed to build the skills of young environmentalists with leadership potential and to maximise their ability to play a more effective role in civil society. It also contributed to building more efficient and active environmental CSOs able to cooperate as partners with the authorities and other actors towards sustainable development.

The three-week programme, which was organised on two occasions (September 2013 and July 2014) in a stimulating international atmosphere, had an emphasis on practical learning. It was divided into three thematic streams:

  • Environmental Civil Society Organisation Development and Sustainability
  • Priority Environmental Challenges and Responses
  • Project Management and Fundraising

The agenda integrated various dimensions of these three streams, offering participants a holistic view of environmental CSOs and reflecting participants’ experiences as young environmental leaders. This approach was based on the premise that, in the real world of CSOs, issues such as organisational management, project management and the environment are closely interconnected. The programme also provided CSO representatives with valuable opportunities to exchange views and establish links for future cooperation.

Participants were young environmental professionals (below the age of 30) from Belarus or Moldova who displayed a strong commitment to the environment in their countries and worked in an environmental CSO. Priority was given to representatives of organisations taking part in other components of the SECTOR programme, in order to maximise programme synergies.

Much of the programme content was drawn from international sources, primarily European. The trainers and experts who led each session had broad work experience spanning several EU member states and other European countries. 

The agenda, list of participants and other training materials for YEL2013 and YEL2014 are available below.



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