Training course

Policy Analysis and Advocacy for Environmental Activists

Date: February 11–13, 2015
Location: Budapest Hungary

Organised by the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC) and the CEU School of Public Policy (SPP), this two-day training for 25 environmental activists from Moldova and Belarus will combine interactive sessions and discussions on environmental innovation and advocacy. Held by leading SPP faculty, the course will include activities and assignments designed to provide participants with analytical tools to engage in informed policy advocacy. The workshop will focus in particular on policy development, innovations in civic monitoring, networking and advocacy.
More specifically, the training will include sessions on the following topics:

1. Policy Development ― This session will focus on the phases of policy development, including planning, drafting, development, implementation and review. It will further introduce a number of analytical tools (e.g. PESTLE, SWOT, influence map, flowchart and gender-sensitive analysis).

2.  Citizen Participation and Civil Society Development ― This session will offer insight on processes for meaningful citizen engagement, and will suggest recommendations for inviting participation from broad cross-sections of society. It will also provide guidelines for communicating and developing trust between community leaders and citizens. The module will also offer a comprehensive overview of technical, policy and ethical considerations involved in the use of new, innovative technologies for civic monitoring, and will present several guidelines for the safe and ethical use of these technologies for the public good.

 3. Networking and Advocacy for Policy Change ― One of the most effective ways to achieve policy change is for individuals and organisations to pool their resources into networks and coalitions. This session will teach participants how to form and maintain these important cooperative alliances.

4. Advocacy and Internet Activism This session will offer new insights into the role that civil society can play in advocating for a free and open internet. Participants will become familiar with digital tools for mobilising and organising constituencies for enhancing online security and privacy — not only for themselves, but for activists and journalists as well. Part of the session will be devoted to international trends and actors in internet governance and its regulation.

Application deadline: January 26, 2015

The language of the course will be English.

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The full course curriculum will be uploaded soon to the project website.

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