Organisational viability grants

An organisational viability grant (of up to EUR 8,000 per organisation) supported priority needs based on the newly created organisational development plan, thus only those organisations that had finalised their organisational development plan in time were able to apply for the organisational viability grant.

The grant supported only activities or purchases relevant to the implementation of the organisational development plan.

Organisations had to go through the REC’s standard grant application process and winners were selected by an international grant evaluation board comprising experts from Belarus, Moldova, Romania and Serbia.

A total of 25 viability grants were implemented in Moldova and Belarus, which means that 68 percent of CSOs participating in the self-assessment process received an organisational viability grant.


The REC grants helped us to break the circle of not having office space, no room to meet with people, no reputation, no functional board, no direct communication with locals. The synergy of different REC projects helped us to get to a new level. CSO, Belarus
A good atmosphere was created, the building is clean and functional and even more welcoming. We managed to bring volunteers to do the renovation work, and as so far only public places have been renovated it is exceptional what we have done with this grant. Dialogue (Moldova)
We have reshaped the museum and made it attractive for local people and volunteers. We have produced a movie on how green museums operate. Stefan Voda (Moldova)
One of our directions was to widen cooperation with other NGOs. We visited different organisations to learn from their experiences on implementing grants, cooperating with local government, etc. We are planning to make several agreements between the organisations and run together for different calls. CSO, Belarus
It is very good that the project is offering both: networking and internal growth. CSO, Belarus
As part of the viability grant we were creating a network of five nature museums in southeast Moldova. Stefan Voda (Moldova)
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