Organisational Development

The main goal of the organisational development component is to strengthen the skills and capacities of environmental civil society organisations (CSOs) in Belarus and Moldova in order to make them more independent and viable. Support comprises three main steps:

An assisted self-assessment process

An internal assessment helps a CSO to evaluate its strategic leadership, organisational processes, human resources, financial management, infrastructure, inter-organisational links and programme management. The assessment is carried out in a participatory manner, involving all staff members as well as the organisation’s board and representatives of its volunteer network.

Nineteen CSOs from Moldova (selected out of 56 organisations) and 18 CSOs from Belarus (selected out of 26 organisations) took part in the organisational self-assessment process and designed an organisational development plan. This means that 35 percent of the CSOs that participated in some way in the SECTOR programme took part in the organisational development component.

Assistance in designing a short-, medium- and long-term organisational development plan

The findings of the assessment are used to draw up a development plan for the CSO in order to enhance its internal capacities in the short, medium and long term, including a clear timeline, a list of (soft and hard) investments needs, and cost estimates.

A small organisational viability grant towards the implementation of the new organisational development plan

A total of 25 organisational viability grants were implemented in Moldova and Belarus, meaning that 68 percent of CSOs participating in the self-assessment process received an organisational viability grant.

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