Networking Grants

The SECTOR grants for platform building and networking were designed to facilitate interaction and to improve cooperation and networking among CSOs at national and local levels. The aim was to support the establishment of dialogue between CSOs and other stakeholders addressing major environmental and sustainable development issues. SECTOR grant beneficiaries and alumni from SECTOR capacity-building events were invited to apply for these grants and to enter into cooperation with others on topics of common interest.

Detailed information about the awarded grants and implementing organisations can be found at Networking Grants Factsheets.


The overall budget awarded for platform building was EUR 39,795, and amounts of up to EUR 5,000 were awarded per grant.


The selection process for the networking grants ran from January to April 2014 with the participation of the independent advisory board. From among the 24 proposals submitted for networking grants in Belarus and Moldova, six grants were awarded. One special grant was awarded later under the networking grants programme to implement a project developed within the Young Environmental Leaders Programme to provide hands-on experience to programme participants in project proposal preparation and implementation. A second special grant was awarded to a coalition of Belarus CSOs to enable them to hold emergency consultation meetings on the draft regional sustainable development strategies in Belarus. The selected projects lasted between three and six months, starting in May 2014.

The following organisations were selected to receive networking grants:

  1. CONTACT National Centre for Assistance and Information of NGOs (Moldova)
  2. Association ALLIANCE BETWEEN GENERATIONS (Moldova) in cooperation with Ormax Youth Cultural Association (Moldova)
  3. Centre for the Development of Organic Agriculture (Belarus)
  4. Territorial Organization Stefan Voda Ecological Movement of Moldova (Moldova)
  5. Ecoproject (Belarus) in cooperation with Green Network (Belarus) and National Children and Youth Center Gutta-Club (Moldova)
  6. Brest Regional Branch Association of Bird Fatherland (Belarus) in cooperation with Grodno Regional Branch Association of Bird Fatherland (Belarus)
  7. National Children and Youth Center Gutta-Club (Moldova) in cooperation with WiSDOM Association (Moldova), Centre of Ecological Decisions (Belarus) and Living Partnership (Belarus)
  8. Green Network, Center for Environmental Solutions, Ekapraekt, Endo, Ecoproject, Ecohome, APB BirdLife (Belarus)

Topics and activities

Networking projects focused on topics of local and national importance, such as the creation of a coalition for the monitoring of public regional development documents; the establishment of a cooperation network of national eco-technology users, a youth environmental network and a network of family eco-farmers; the popularisation of local bird watching; the creation of a climate adaptation network and roadmap for adaptation; awareness raising among young people on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources; and the provision of contributions to regional sustainable development strategies.

As part of their project-related activities grantees organised conferences, meetings, trainings, seminars, workshops and excursions; prepared policy briefs and collected comments;  published information materials; conducted media campaigns; collected bird migration data; prepared analytical reports and established information resources; created contact databases; conducted surveys; and organised educational activities and drawing competitions.


As a result of the implementation of networking grants, CSOs from Belarus and Moldova developed their capacities and skills to prepare and implement joint environmental projects, and CSO networking activities were promoted.

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