National Grants

National grants were offered to CSOs working at national level in Belarus and Moldova to address priority issues defined by the countries’ environmental and sustainable development strategies and international obligations. This support was aimed at enabling CSOs to increase their role in decision making and in addressing priority issues, as well as at assisting CSOs to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders.

Detailed information about the awarded grants and implementing organisations can be found at Moldova National Grants Factsheets and Belarus National Grants Factsheets .


The overall budget awarded for the national grants scheme was EUR 356,700, of which EUR 185,320 were awarded in Moldova and EUR 171,380 in Belarus. The national grants ranged between EUR 15,000 and EUR 25,000.


The selection process for the national grants in Moldova took place in parallel with the selection process for local grants between November 2012 and April 2013, with the participation of the independent advisory board. Based on the 27 concept papers submitted for national grants in Moldova, 15 CSOs were invited to proceed with their applications. From the 14 proposals submitted, 10 CSOs were awarded national grants. The selected projects ran for between 12 and 18 months, starting in June 2013.
The selection process for the national grants in Belarus took place between January 2013 and July 2013 with the participation of the independent evaluation panel. Based on the 19 concept papers submitted for local grants in Belarus, 13 CSOs were invited to proceed with their applications. From among all the proposals submitted, 7 CSOs received national grants. The selected projects lasted for up to 12 months, starting in September 2013.
The following CSOs received national grants in Moldova:

  1. The Ecological Center of Assistance and Training
  2. Ormax Youth Cultural Association 
  3. Territorial Organization Stefan Voda Ecological Movement of Moldova
  4. CUTEZATORUL Association  
  5. Association of Environmental and Ecological Tourism Journalists in Moldova 
  6. ProRuralInvest Association 
  7. BIOS Association 
  8. Women’s Association for Environment Protection and Sustainable Development 
  9. Eco-TIRAS International Association of River Keepers 
  10. Ecological Movement of Moldova

The following CSOs received national grants in Belarus:

  1. Centre for Environmental Solutions 
  2. Clean Water NGO 
  3. BirdLife Belarus APB 
  4. Green Network Public Institution 
  5. Center for Sustainable Development International NGO
  6. Life after Chernobyl NGO 
  7. Belarusian Union of Transport, Republican Public Association


Topics and activities

National projects implemented in Moldova covered many environmental issues, including public participation in environmental decision making; awareness raising on biodiversity conservation, climate change, desertification and energy efficiency; the promotion of sustainable development, environmental technologies, organic agriculture and non-polluting farming; the involvement of rural women in environmental protection; and media involvement in ecological issues.

Activities implemented by grantees in Moldova included the creation of topic-specific working groups; the organisation of workshops, seminars, meetings, summer schools, eco-classes and study tours; the creation of local eco-museums and demonstration centres; the drafting of guidance materials; the organisation of photo exhibitions; the establishment of networks and databases; the publication of promotional materials; and the organisation of media and information campaigns.

National projects realised in Belarus addressed a wide variety of topics, including the effective participation of citizens in decision making; environmental awareness raising; the development of an environmental management system; the conservation of ecosystems; the provision of legal support on environmental matters; and the development of urban mobility plans.

Within their projects, grantees in Belarus created several working groups; analysed legal documents; organised seminars, workshops, roundtables and expert meetings; developed online educational portals and organised eco-schools; and conducted environmental audits and analytical studies.


As the result of national grants implementation, 17 medium-sized CSO projects focused on specific national issues, initiated dialogue and established cooperation platforms on key priority issues related to the sustainable development of Belarus and Moldova. The grants were an important source of financing for the non-governmental sector in Belarus and Moldova, supporting national civil society actors and contributing to solving key environmental issues at national level.

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