Master Classes

The Master Class programme was a five-day training for environmental civil society organisations (CSOs). It comprised two capacity-building courses during 2013 and 2014 for CSOs from Belarus and Moldova.  

The first Master Class training focused on the role of CSOs in promoting change and enabling actions in the field of environment and sustainable development.

The second Master Class course addressed various topics related to environment and sustainability (including sustainable consumption patterns, renewable energy, food, housing, transport, mobility and climate change). The selected topics reflected the priorities defined in the sustainable development strategy of each country and looked at how CSOs can be involved in providing solutions to the arising challenges.

This capacity-building programme was offered primarily to CSOs that had undergone organisational self-assessment under the SECTOR project, in order to address identified capacity-building needs. It was also available for CSOs and CSO networks shortlisted for, or benefiting from, project support in the form of grants.

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