Full proposal training, Belarus

Training date: April 19, 2013 

The main objective of the Belarus full proposal training was to assist applicants for SECTOR national and local grants in Belarus in the preparation of full proposals and to explain the grant application and selection requirements. The one-day training introduced participants to the documentation, selection and evaluation processes related to writing proposals. The experts who took part in the selection of the concept papers attended the training and provided additional clarifications related to the concept paper and proposals. The SECTOR team explained in greater detail the methodology for the narrative statement, including the formulation of project goals and objectives; achievement indicators, sources and means of verification; activities and inputs; expected outputs and immediate results; expected short-term and long-term impacts; outcomes and long-term results; and follow-up beyond the project period. Project implementation plans and budgets were also discussed in greater depth.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Yulia Yablonskaya
Belarus Grants Manager
E-mail: yyablonskaya@rec.org

Tel.:  (375-29) 208 94 78

Ms. Raisa Gerasina

SECTOR Grants Manager

E-mail: rgerasina@rec.org
Tel: (36-26) 504-000         


Introduction (Russian)
Proposal Selection Process (Russian)
Full Proposal Documents (Russian)

Support Documents (Russian)
Grants Challenges (English, Russian)
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