CSOs selected for the organisational viability support programme, Moldova

We are pleased to announce that 56 organisations — far more than expected — applied to participate in the organisational viability support programme in Moldova, announced in October 2012. Of these, 19 CSOs were selected by an international team of experts to benefit from the programme.

The programme comprises:

  • an assisted organisational self-assessment process;
  • the creation of long-, medium- and short-term organisational development plans; and
  • the opportunity to apply for an organisational development grant to implement priority aspects of the newly designed development plan.

The following CSOs were selected:

  1. Speranta (contact: Liuba Balan)
  2. Viaţa Satului (contact: Gheorghe Plămădeală)
  3. Dialog (contact: Viorica Ignatiuc)
  4. Edem (contact: Ljudmila Dejdysh)
  5. National Children’s and Youth Centre GUTTA-CLUB (contact: Natalja Kravciuk)
  6. BIOS (contacts: Valentin Ciubotaru and Claudia Partole)
  7. Ecospectr (contact: Ivan Ignatiev)
  8. Women’s Association for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development (contact: Ioana Bobana)
  9. Cutezatorul (contact: Victor Cimpoies)
  10. Habitat (contact: Valeriu Rusu)
  11. Friends of Animals and Nature (DJiP) (contact: Olga Krivoruchko)
  12. Environmental Doctors (contact: Elena Stepanova)
  13. Mostenitorii (contact: Moscalu Nicolai)
  14. Stefan Voda Territorial Organization of the Environmental Movement of Moldova (contact: Tatiana Marin)
  15. Centre for Ecological Consultations in Cahul (CCE Cahul) (contact: Artur Nebunu)
  16. Environmental Movement of Moldova (contact: Alecu Reniţă)
  17. ProRuralInvest (contact: Viorel Gherciu)
  18. CONTACT (contact: Serghei Neicovcen)
  19. Pro Rural Development Agency (contact: Lidia Beznitchi)
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