Local Grants

Local grants were awarded to strengthen the role of CSOs in local communities in Belarus and Moldova and to take advantage of sustainable development opportunities within those communities, such as eco-tourism, eco-agriculture, local branding, the promotion of sustainable consumption patterns and sustainable lifestyles, and the introduction of alternative sources of energy and energy efficiency solutions.

Detailed information about the awarded grants and implementing organisations can be found at  Belarus Local Grants Factsheets and Moldova Local Grants.


The overall budget for the local grants awarded in Belarus and Moldova was EUR 227,880, of which EUR 118,431 were awarded in Moldova and EUR 109,449 in Belarus. The individual local grants ranged between EUR 5,000 and EUR 10,000.


The selection process for the local grants in Moldova took place between November 2012 and April 2013 with the participation of the independent local advisory board. Based on the 79 concept papers submitted for local grants in Moldova, 28 CSOs were invited to proceed with their applications. From among all the proposals submitted, 15 CSOs were awarded local grants. The selected projects ran for between 12 and 18 months, starting in June 2013.
The selection process for the local grants in Belarus took place between January 2013 and July 2013 with the participation of the independent evaluation panel. Based on the 28 concept papers submitted for local grants in Belarus, 19 CSOs were invited to proceed with their applications. From among the 17 proposals submitted, 11 CSOs were awarded local grants. The selected projects lasted for up to 12 months, starting in September 2013.
The following CSOs received local grants in Moldova:

  1. CERTITUDINE NGO Center for Assistance and Information for Young Economists 
  2. FDDM Association 
  3. Criuleni Center for Debates Public Association 
  4. Ecological Counseling Center of Cahul 
  5. Agency for Rural Development 
  7. Medium Public Association 
  8. Caritas Public Association  
  9. Moldova Aarhus Center 
  10. Codru Association for Children and Youth 
  11. Mostenitorii Children’s and Youth Public Organization 
  12. Ekospektr Public Organisation 
  13. Comrat Legal Clinic 
  14. Crio-Inform NGO 
  15. Inspiration Women's Club 

The following CSOs received local grants in Belarus:

  1. Brest Regional Branch Association of Bird Fatherland 
  2. Sanctuaries Brest Local Ecological Fund 
  3. Ecoregions Yaselda Berezovsky District Environmental NGO 
  4. Ecoproject International Public Association 
  5. Endo Environmental NGO 
  6. International Fund for Rural Development 
  7. Our Footprint Public Association for Sustainable Development
  8. Grodno Regional Branch Association of Bird Fatherland 
  9. Fellowship in Honour of the Vilna Martyrs Anthony, John and Eustathius, the Belarusian Orthodox Church
  10. Euroregion Country of Lakes, Braslav Regional Public Organisation of Cross-Border Cooperation 
  11. Centre for the Development of Organic Agriculture


Topics and activities

Local projects in Moldova focused on topics of local importance, such as river protection, the development of environmental partnerships, the involvement of young people in environmental issues, environmental education, the recycling of office paper and waste, the updating of the local environmental action plan, public participation in environmental decision making at local level, the use of solar energy in rural areas, energy conservation and water protection.

As part of their project-related activities grantees in Moldova provided equipment for nature classrooms and playgrounds; planted trees; organised roundtables, seminars, workshops, trainings and debates; conducted various surveys and SWAT analyses; established action and focus groups and youth clubs; conducted media campaigns; published information materials; organised flash mobs, fashion shows and photo competitions; collected waste paper; cleared rubbish from river banks and village parks; and developed guidance materials and an environmental game.

Local projects in Belarus dealt mostly with the creation of eco-friendly communities; eco-education; composting and organic agricultural production; the promotion of sustainable development; the preservation and restoration of biodiversity; the development of eco-agro-tourism; the promotion of cross-border cooperation; green consumption; and the implementation of international environmental treaties.

Grantees in Belarus obtained ecological certificates; developed websites; conducted eco-classes for elderly people and schoolchildren; developed guidance materials;  organised study tours, trainings, seminars and working meetings;  prepared analytic studies; carried out field research; and created species databases.


As a result of local grant implementation, 26 CSO projects were implemented at local community level, proposing and realising local sustainable solutions. The participating CSOs developed and made their voices heard in the community, initiated actions and established platforms for dialogue in municipalities, contributing to solving key environmental and sustainable development issues. Projects were rooted in local urban or rural communities and mobilised members of the public and key actors in the community to participate in project implementation.

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