Announcement on SECTOR Conference

SECTOR – stories to tell

November 26-30, 2014

Hotel Splendid, Budva, Montenegro

Day 1 SECTOR reflections

The SECTOR final conference will review the achievements of the project’s implementation, draw lessons learned and share good practices through facilitated and interactive discussions.

Day 2 SECTOR in action

Parallel training modules (electives), on priority topics identified by SECTOR beneficiaries, as: the impact of SCOs work, viability toolkit, organisations’ sustainability and networking and partnership.

Day 3 SECTOR tomorrow

Building on the outcomes of Day 1, focus on the priorities for the future.


One representative of each organisation which took part in SECTOR activities is invited to apply!


The conference will have simultaneous interpretation (for joint panel sessions and some of the group sessions).


All costs for travel, accommodation and subsistence will be covered by SECTOR.

Deadline for application is October 13, 2014

It is required as a part of the application to submit filled in Fact sheet(s) for the grant(s) your organisation managed (as leader).

Looking forward to meeting you in Montenegro!

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