The three main components of the SECTOR project were designed to support the achievement of the overall project goals. The three components were:

  • Organisational Development
  • Grants
  • Capacity Building and Networking

Activities in Belarus and Moldova were carried out at local, national and regional level. Activities were closely interlinked to help CSOs to develop and become stronger. The project components supported CSO initiatives and collaboration with authorities, communities and businesses via grants; built CSO capacities and strengthened national, regional and international networking via trainings and exchange programmes; and raised awareness through the implementation of an educational programme designed to activate citizens.

The main partners and project beneficiaries were CSOs at national and local community level in Belarus and Moldova. Secondary beneficiaries were national authorities, municipalities, businesses and, indirectly, the general public in the target countries.

What is an environmental CSO?

For the purposes of this project, an environmental CSO is an officially registered organisation or an otherwise clearly identifiable group of citizens or other public association operating at local, regional and/or international level that:

  • does not act as an official governmental body;
  • is a not-for-profit entity (i.e. non-commercial);
  • has a main purpose related to environmental protection and sustainable development; and
  • has a presence in public life, outside family structures, and expresses the interests and values of its members or others based on ethical, cultural, political, scientific or philanthropic considerations.
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